New in the studio

We explore positive and negative space, mark-making, and stillness as content.

Our material practice varies greatly in scope, weight and scale, from works in solid machined aluminum, to matte wallpaper, shoelaces and raw ink markings. Collectively, and individually, the sculptures and marks point to an embodied potential, pregnant with pause and punctuated by the in-between. Bold architectural responses acquiesce with what appear to be material remnants. Rudimentary and commonplace materials are used to shift perspective; slight alterations suggest profound shifts in spatial perception.

In the drawings, systems, repetition and practice are employed to generate spare lines. The paper is pulled while one brother holds a marker stationary, resulting in streaks of ink. Generous open areas highlight the simple marks. Stillness is provoked and intentionally incomplete forms propel the question, “what if?”

The sculptural works, while certainly evoking the traditions of Minimalism with their use of industrial aluminum and unitary geometry, in conversation with the drawings and site-specific space explorations, provoke another reading. A fractional sequence of metal parts, swaths of wallpaper, tethered shoelaces, and raw ink markings—ordinary, human gestures whose loose, irregular, asymmetrical, monochrome lines convey a sense of random assemblage. Free of boundaries, the streaks and shapes float in vast areas of untouched space as though waiting.



#273photo by Peter Prato